Tin Pan Tuesdays

There are no rules for this “Two Dollar Tuesday” street food experience, mix and match and everyone is sure to find something to enjoy.  Pick several and pile them high!  Inspired by Spanish, Mexican, and native American influences for family life & food. The sampling, the mixing, the sharing, and the conversation are the “Tin Pan” experience on Tuesdays from 4:00-9:00pm. Dine in only.

 *   *   * Mix & Match $2 Each *   *   *

Street Tacos
choice of chicken orbeef:: fresh cilantro:: onions:: corn tortillas:: spicy salsa

Pork Belly Sopes
braised pork belly:: jalapeno jelly

Housemade Tamales
corn husk-steamed:: filled with cheese or pork:: great with hongos chipotle sauce

Picadillo Empanadas
zucchini:: mushrooms:: roasted corn:: leeks:: jalapeno:: onions:: chipotle pesto

Albondigas Estofados
open faced:: mexican meatballs:: onions:: hongos chipotle sauce:: cotija cheese:: fresh cilantro:: on garlic crostinis    

Gorditas “little fat one”
stuffed with ground beef:: black beans:: salsa:: lettuce:: fire roasted red pepper:: cheese

Beef and Picadillo Stuffed Empanadas
braised beef:: mushrooms:: roasted corn:: leeks:: zucchini:: onions:: jalapeno

*    *   *   $2 TECATES   *   *   *

You will find we offer a nice wine list, as well as a range of interesting beers.  We  encourage you to try our famed house made Sangria, Santana Cooler, & Margarita